Geocaches: (points with 0.1 mile radius area added around it)

Boguses: (points with 2 mile radius area added around it)

Detection results:




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spitko's GeoPlot instructions

The purpose of this page is to provide easy to use interface for plotting a big number of markers and geocaches with 0.1 mile saturation areas to Google Maps. The text copied to the input windows will be processed line by line and if a coordinate is found, it will be added to the map. The Detection results will display details for each of the detected coordinates.

Coordinates can be entered in various formats. Examples are available at GeoCalc page.

If no coordinates are found, the line will be skipped. Duplicate coordinates are skipped as well.

MAP button will open Google Maps engine with detected coordinates and geocaches.

GPX button will start download of the points using same numbers as detected by the service. Geocache coordinates are excluded from this file. This GPX file can be uploaded to your GPSr device for the field use. May the force be with you.

Alternative way to use this page is to provide the coordinates in the URL in decimal degrees notation, separated with a colon:

This is part of Mysteerinmurskain toolkit ;)